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Workshop is a great opportunity for all photographers who would like to improve their skills, extend their portfolio with new sort of images, learn how to use a different lighting and how to communicate with a model. 

In this category I can offer you the following:

BOOK ME FOR YOUR WORKSHOP                                                                                                       

Are you a high level photographer and workshop organizer? I´ll be happy to cooperate with you.

I have been posing on several international workshops. I know how newcomers can be unsure and nervous sometimes so I always try to bring relaxing atmosphere in the shooting. I also know which pose looks better from which angle and sometimes I see certain details that newcomer doesn´t see.

Regarding to more experienced photographers, I always try to implement their ideas within the time that is available (as long as it´s tasteful and performable).

For me it´s always important that all participants are satisfied with their results.

PERSONAL WORKSHOP                                                                                      .                            

If photography is your passion and you want to improve your skills, you might be interested in a dedicated workshop with me and a professional photographer. Even one day personal workshop makes a huge step forward in your photographic skills. Professional model with years of experience, high level photographer teaching you personally and high end equipment guarantee stunning photos to extend your portfolio.

The location, schedule and advance level can be flexibly agreed. Please, contact me by e-mail with your expectations.

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