Welcome to my personal website!

I am a full time professional model based in Czech Republic and available for travelling all around the world.

1_meet ivana


My name is Ivana Cermakova and I was born in Brno, Czech Republic. I focused on sports and dramatic art during my early school years and then on marketing and public relations at the university. At the age of 18 I slowly started my career as a model and after I finished my studies I devoted myself to modelling for a full time. I have always been ambitious and hardworking person and I have always believed it´s important to espouse certain principles. However, I believe that life is not just about the hard work and rules, but also about the joy. Mine is doing sports, travelling, reading, walking in nature, doing something creative and of course spending time with my family and close friends. As a person I am very sociable, cheerful and optimistic, but also straight and reliable.


I have several years of experience with modelling. I have been taking part of many interesting projects with photographers from all over the world. From commercials and publications it was for example national TV spot, Italian music video, cover of Card Player magazine and French Photo magazine, pictures & articles in AMOL magazine and others. From the “artistic world” I cooperated with photographers like Henri Senders or Robert Vano. I was also posing for different photographers and painters whose artwork was subsequently published in books and exhibitions. Moreover, I have many years of experience with dance performances (fashion shows, dance clubs, dance group performances), events and promotion (fairs, conferences, congresses, festivals, brand promotion, racings etc.)


  • I always show up and I show up in time (as long as it´s beyond my own control)
  • professional attitude but never arrogance
  • flexibility in posing
  • versatility of expressions & poses
  • 100% natural face and body in good shape
  • always try to adapt myself to the style/emotion/mood you would like to have on your picture
  • my own make-up & styling on a high standard
  • my own wide collection of  lingerie  &  accessories  &  clothes
  • fast & clear communication in English or Czech


  • Height:   174 cm     5’9″                           Shoes:      40       8.5
  • Weight:   59 kg        130 Ibs                    Eyes:         green-brown
  • Bust:       93              37″                            Hair:         dark brown
  • Waist:     65              26″                           Nails:         natural
  • Hips:        94              37″                          Tattoos:     none
  • Clothes:  36/38        S/M                        Piercings:   none
  • Bra:          80B/C      36B/C                      Scars:        none
5_before booking me


Before you decide to book me as a model, you should be aware of the following.

I shoot in styles from fashion up to art nude. I DON´T shoot any open leg pictures!

Since the modelling is my full time job, I´m interested in paid assignments only.

After confirming the date you will be asked for a 20% deposit which you can pay via PayPal.

I´m really not made from sugar, however I have some limits. For example, don´t expect me to pose one hour continuously outdoor while it´s freezing or heavily raining. It´s always good to have a plan B in case of bad weather.